MARQUETTE — The progress in opening the Meijer in Marquette has made another big step.

The Marquette Meijer gas station opened its doors for the first time this morning. The 24-hour convenience store will provide everything from gas to fresh-baked goods day in and day out. The gas station will be part of the third Meijer location to be built in the Upper Peninsula.

“It feels fantastic, we’re so glad we were able to open our doors today at the Meijer gas station, to bring the Meijer brand to the Marquette area,” said Store Director John Spaulding. “We’re excited. Being a Michigan-based company, it’s such a thrill for us to make it to the U.P. and provide the Meijer brand to the U.P. We’re very, very excited.”

Meijer is offering customers a variety of snacks, drinks, and necessities. The store is scheduled to open May 24th, and will provide fresh products to the gas station every day.