MARQUETTE — On Wednesday night, Northern Michigan University officials announced that the Jacobetti Complex would be closed for today and tomorrow after a water test revealed lead levels.



The single test was conducted on February 14th following the recent repairs to a water line. Additional water samples were collected today for more comprehensive testing.

NMU officials are conferring with Marquette City Public Works Department and contacted the Marquette County Health Department today. The last time the water was tested in the building was four years ago.

“Here we take samples from across the building to discover what our lead levels are in this building,” said NMU Spokesperson, Derek Hall. “Those samples arrived downstate early this morning – the other sample was hand carried to Crystal Falls. As of 3:00pm today, we do have results from one of those tests, and those results have come back very positive for the building.”

At this time, all classes and events scheduled at the Jacobetti Complex are canceled through Friday evening. Tomorrow, the system will be flushed out in order start again with fresh water, and the building will be open on Saturday for regular business.

Additionally, NMU officials have decided to test the water in all campus buildings to establish a water quality baseline for campus. Testing will commence this weekend.