Political demonstrations during inauguration day

MARQUETTE — After a contentious election cycle, the country is still tense about the election of Donald Trump.

The tension could even been seen here in the Upper Peninsula. Small groups of people gathered to both support and protest the election of President Donald Trump.

Critics of the newly inaugurated president say that his rhetoric is aggressive and harmful to the nation but they are ready to fight and stand together.

Supports of President Trump say that much of the criticism comes from false information and that the president has already began helping the nation.

“He’s already brought back a million and a half jobs, I’m pretty proud and happy for him for doing that,” said Pro–Trump Demonstrator Scott Norton. “The ford factory is back, bring jobs from apple back, bring jobs from Wal–Mart back. He’s just about to get into the office, not even in the office yet.”

“He doesn’t believe in the values that we all believe in, which are equality, respect, freedom, individuality and he doesn’t support those ideals,” said Anti Trump Demonstrator Conner Raak. “He has consistently made statements that are derogatory toward women, LGBTQ+ people, minorities, immigrants, that type of thing. And I don’t think that type of behavior should be normalized.”

Both groups protested on Washington Street in Downtown Marquette and only meet briefly, otherwise staying apart.

Onlookers showed support for both demonstrating groups.