Logan’s Law, inspired by a Michigan dog, now in effect and protecting animals

NEGAUNEE TOWNSHIP– Two new laws passed in December were inspired by a dog, and are now protecting local animals.

Logan’s law rooted from a Husky, who was believed to be sprayed with battery acid intentionally. According to Michigan Legislature, House Bill 4353 requires shelters to consider prior criminal history before allowing an adoption. The second House Bill 4355, furthers animal protection giving shelters access to the Michigan State Police database.

“We’re able to know what types of cases people have been involved with in the past, if they have,” UPaws manager Kim Rudolph said. “”If they try to adopt an animal we kindly just say, “you know we’re not comfortable doing that at this time.””

Currently the shelter uses a nationwide data base called PetPoint, which contains information on previous adopters and pets. UPaws has an extensive network partnership with shelters, some even out of state.

“Most of the time these dogs or cats are really great animals that have great temperaments, despite what their history might be,” Randolph said. “So when they come up here they just seem like happy, friendly, pets and we get them placed in delightful homes. There is no worry about them ever falling into cycles of neglect or abuse.”

According to UPaws the shelter currently has no neglect cases at the moment, but has dealt with them in the past. It’s not too often UPaws has to say it’s really a no go for an adoption.

“So when you’re making the decision to adopt think about it deeply, make sure that it’s something you’re willing to commit to for life,” Randolph said. “You pick the right fit for you, you pick the right personality, that way you have a good partnership for the rest of their lifetime.”

According to the shelter most adoptions don’t work out due to animal and adopter compatibility. Kim said depending on the circumstances the shelter will advise people a pet might not be for them or even suggest an animal more compatible to their lifestyle.