Three arrested on various meth, ecstasy charges

DAFTER — Three people are behind bars for their role in operating and maintaining several meth labs in the eastern U.P. town of Dafter.

On Monday, the Tri-County Drug Enforcement Team (TRIDENT) learned that ecstasy was being sold at a residence on 10 Mile Road. TRIDENT made several controlled purchases of ecstasy from a suspect.

Officers learned that the suspects had an active meth lab inside the residence. Through the execution of a search warrant, detectives found an active meth lab, meth lab components, meth sludge and other evidence in the home.

Detectives executed another search warrant at a neighboring abandoned church where they found another active meth lab.

Rodger Lee Jewell, 39, Suzanne Elizabeth Jewell, 49 and Cody Power, 22, all of Dafter, were arrested on various meth related charges. All three suspects are scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday in Chippewa County District Court.