MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP — Decisions in recent years by the Michigan Tax Tribunal have cost U.P. communities millions of dollars in tax revenues. One group is planning an event this weekend to let their feelings be known about dark stores and how they’re taxed.

Marquette County Citizens for Fair Share will be visiting Lowe’s in Marquette Township Saturday morning. The group plans to extend an invitation to Lowe’s Executives to speak with Marquette County officials about how the Dark Store tax strategy has hurt the county.

The Marquette County Board of Commissioners sent a letter to Lowe’s in March asking to meet with them. So far, the county has not heard back from Lowe’s.

“We elected these folks and they are doing their job and they are representing our interest. We’re the ones who ultimately pay, both in terms of making up the different and taxes, but also the cuts to essential services,” said Fred Kotler, co–chair of the Marquette County Citizens for Fair Share. “We want people to come out. It’s at 10:15 a.m. on Saturday. We’re going to meet at Lowe’s. We are going to walk in together and we are going to present the invitation. We won’t interfere with store operations or customers in any way.”

According to the group, Lowe’s has received over $1 million in taxpayer rebates thanks to rulings by the Michigan Tax Tribunal.