Ishpeming man sentenced for resisting and obstructing

MARQUETTE — An Ishpeming man arrested for allegedly making meth in a garage back in May was sentenced in Marquette County Circuit Court Friday morning.

Joshua Vorase, 33, received a 12 month jail sentence with credit for 126 days served. Three months of his jail sentence will be suspended pending his behavior during an 18-month probation period.

Vorase apologized for his actions in court.

“I’d like to additionally, he’s not here, but to apologize to Officer Hart for putting him in danger,” Vorase said. “I respect him, it’s a thankless job, I know, but I didn’t realize at the time, but I definitely put him at risk and I apologize for that.”

“You lost your father about 10 years ago to a heroin overdose and that he too had been in prison and I think that, at your age and in light of your history, when I saw that, it caused me to think that you may motivated to find another path so that doesn’t end up being your story as well,” said Circuit Court Judge Jennifer Mazzuchi.

The meth charges were dropped as a part of a plea agreement. He pleaded guilty to one count of resisting and obstructing a police officer back in July.