Top cop resigns, cites 'constant conflict' and 'suspicion of fraud' as reasons

ISHPEMING — Head officer for the Ishpeming Township Police department, Robert O’Connor, took to the Township’s Facebook page Monday evening to announce his resignation, which he submitted to the Township board on August 27th.

Officer O’Connor cited multiple reasons for his resignation including, “constant conflict with the Township Supervisor”, “apparent lack of trust, respect and support from the Supervisor,” and “suspicion that the millage for police protection was fraud.”

The post is in reference to Supervisor of Ishpeming Township James Nankervis.

“My last day will be October 3rd of this year. I will use the remaining time here to make sure all investigate reports get completed,” the post read, “and take care of any other administrative tasks so there is no unattended business for the next officer to deal with.”

O’Connor was a trooper in Marquette County for 24 years, and the head officer in Ishpeming Township just short of a year. Ishpeming Township has one part time officer. In his absence, O’Connor says State Troopers and Sheriff’s Deputies will be responsible for patrolling the township.

“I can say that Ishpeming Township was by far the best area I’ve had the privilege to work in. It was a pleasure to serve you each and every day,” he said. “No other community I’ve ever worked in was as welcoming and supportive toward the police as this one. I can’t tell you how much that means to an officer in this day and age, and I thank you all for that.”

O’Connor said that rather than to address the issues directly, he chose to resign. “I did not wish to make the already stressful working environment any worse. I also did not want to be anywhere near the center of what I believe is severe mismanagement of taxpayer monies.”

ABC 10 attempted to contact Officer O’Connor about the post, but he said he is issuing no further statements at this time.

ABC 10 spoke with Nankervis Tuesday morning. He gave the following statement:

“I really don;t have much to say because he hasn’t talked to us. Officer O’Connor did an excellent job for us. We thought that he was going to take the full-time job.”

In August, voters in Ishpeming Township approved a millage to hire one full-time police officer. The next scheduled meeting of the Ishpeming Township Board is set for September 13th.