Councilwoman accuses city manager of mistakes

ISHPEMING — The Ishpeming city council meeting became tense when councilwoman Claudia Demarest brought up past wrong doings of current city manager, Mark Slown.

Demarest began by confronting the council members of mistakes made by Slown at a previous position back in 2004. Ishpeming Mayor Mike Tonkin responded with reminding Claudia that everyone makes mistakes and the subject needed to be dropped.

Demarest added that Slown has violated several ordinances and had previously given out confidential information.

Other councilmen such as Koski and Juidici agreed with Ishpeming Mayor and also said her remarks bordered harassment. It was also brought up how the city had received its best audit in many years with the help of Slown.

The topic was eventually dropped and councilman Koski apologized to the townspeople who attended the meeting.