ESCANABA — An exciting ceremony in Escanaba has officially jump started some new development heading to the area.

The Michigan Economic Development participated in a check passing ceremony with the Downtown Development Authority of Escanaba. The check passing consisted of the Michigan Economic Development giving two checks to the D.D.A. These checks will be used towards two large projects that the city is currently working on, such as the Market Place along with the Facade projects. Both of these projects will bring a variety of events to downtown Escanaba.

“We will hold our Farmer’s Market, it we will be at this place but we’ll also be able to hold probably 60 other events.” Said Executive Director of the D.D.A in Escanaba, “and it will also be open to private events, where if I wanted to do a class reunion, I wanted to do a picnic of some kind.”

The Market Place is set to be placed on the corner of fifth street and Ludington. Historical buildings throughout downtown will also be seeing a change through the Facade Project. In this project, various historical places will be restored to their original beauty. Both projects are set to begin sometime in September.