Benishek: “If there’s no documents, we shouldn’t let them in”

WASHINGTON D.C. — There’s a bill in the works right now in Washington D.C. that, if passed, would require multiple agencies to sign off on refugees from Syria and Iraq.

The bill, known as the American Security Against Foreign Enemies, or the SAFE Act, would require the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security to clear each refugee–seeking asylum that they are not a security threat.

In a phone interview, Congressman Dan Benishek told ABC 10 that the No. 1 priority of the government is to protect the people.

“We just want to make sure that the people we let in aren’t terrorists,” said Benishek. “After 9/11 there were several people that came in as refugees and they were terrorists. We have problems with ISIS and they’re out to destroy us.”

“If we have documents on where they came from and shows that they’re OK,” he added. “But if there’s no documents on anything then we shouldn’t let them in. We have to have some actual information.”

This legislation is response due in part to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. The SAFE Act did pass in the U.S. House this afternoon. President Obama has already said that he would veto the bill if it arrives on his desk.