Michigan State Police conduct sex offender sweep

NEGAUNEE TOWNSHIP — Michigan State Police troopers from the Negaunee Post have completed a sex offender sweep of 198 residences in Marquette County.

The state police was assisted by every law enforcement agency in the county to conduct the sweep. Officers were able to check close to two hundred residences in two months.

The Michigan Sex Offenders Registration Act requires registered sex offenders to report their current address to police.

“The intent of the sweep is to verify and insure that the information that we’re getting from people on the registry is correct,” said MSP Sgt. Kevin Dowling. “You do a spot check. You check everybody and verify physically by going and knocking on the door of the address that the individual is reporting and verify that they’re actually living there.”

Of the 198 residences that were checked, a total of 10 arrest warrants were requested through the Marquette County Prosecutors Office.

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