While investigating a stolen iPod, the MSP did what they do best

IRON MOUNTAIN — After a young man with brain damage had his iPod stolen, the Michigan State Police–Iron Mountain Post did more than just conduct an investigation.

A Kingsford resident, Eric Roll was in a car accident almost three years ago. As a result of the crash, Eric received severe brain damage. He’s made remarkable improvements every day, and loves his iPod more than anything else.

When asked who his favorite singer was, Eric replied Britney Spears.

When Eric’s iPod was stolen, Michigan State Police Trooper Brad Lammi stepped in.

#ICYMI This young Upper Peninsula man had his iPod stolen, so the Michigan State Police did more than just conduct an investigation, they raised money to buy him a new one. abc10up.com/?p=8213690

Posted by ABC10 & CW5 UP on Friday, October 9, 2015

“I got with the MSP family, the Michigan State Police Family here at the Iron Mountain Post and we wanted to do something special for Eric,” said Michigan State Police –Iron Mountain Post Trooper Brad Lammi, “and get him his iPod and music back as fasts as we could. So we did a donation and raised up a little over $200 to get him his iPod back so he can listen to his Britney Spears, and an iTunes card and get him back on his way.”
This act of kindness was more than Eric and his family could have ever imagined.

“I just didn’t know what to say,” said Eric’s Mom Sharon Anderson, “it was just amazing what they did and I thank officer Lammi, and Christine and everybody else that put in for it because he loves it. That’s his life, his music. If he can have MTV, Rob Dyrdek, and his iPod he’s in 7th heaven.”

Both Trooper Lammi and First Lieutenant Grabowski said that it’s all part of a day’s work.

“Every day police officers across Michigan and our nation help people,” said Michigan State Police – Iron Mountain Post F/Lt. Christine Grabowski, “it’s just a great example of one state trooper helping someone who needed help and we don’t understand why someone would steal from Eric, but we wanted to be there and help him. That’s what we do, we help people. This is just a small example of how we at the Iron Mountain Post help our community every day.”

Eric’s story has went Yooper viral, with over five thousand shares and likes in just over a day after the story was posted on Facebook. At this time, police have leads to finding the person responsible for stealing his iPod and are continuing the investigation.

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