MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP — When it comes to driving, the merge lane is designed to only be used for merging.

Marquette County Undersheriff Mike Klein says that improper use of the lane could land you a ticket and some points on your license. For Klein, proper use of the merge lane is all about one thing.

“It’s all about safety and being aware of your surroundings,” said Klein. “When you’re in the middle lane either eastbound or westbound on US-41, the merge lane is specifically for merging. It’s not to be used as a lane of travel to get up to speed and merge in with other cars.”

“If you get in that middle turn lane, you either turn or stop and wait for an opening then proceed into the lane,” Klein added. “Misuse the median of the turn lane we will pull people over for improper lane usage.”

A ticket for improper lane usage will cost you $135 and also gets you two points on your driver license.

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