Governor awards U.P. Veteran of the Year

ESCANABA — Governor Rick Snyder was back in the U.P. today to give a special honor to one local veteran.

After touring the Upper Peninsula State Fair’s dairy barns, Governor Rick Snyder awarded Negaunee resident Thomas Stanaway with the U.P. Veteran of the Year Award.

“Tom Stanaway is an outstanding U.P. Veteran of the Year,” said Governor Rick Snyder, “I was proud to present that award. He served us well in Vietnam and then he came back and did great service in Negaunee as a firefighter and on the city council, his volunteer work with veterans and other organizations is outstanding. That’s the kind of role model we’re proud to say is a Michigander.”

“To be picked by your peers, you know is quite an honor,” said U.P. Veteran of the Year Thomas Stanaway, “I’m humbled, and have a big amount of gratitude for that.”

“Tom is a great guy,” said Senator Tom Casperson, “It’s an honor for me to be a part of something like that because of the respect that I have for them, all of our veterans that have served. It’s also doubly special when you hear the U.P. Veteran of the Year. We take a lot of pride in the Upper Peninsula as well as our veterans.”

Governor Synder has been to the State Fair every year since he was elected. After Stanaway received his award, Snyder spoke at the Governor’s Luncheon about gas prices,a new initiative with the Sault locks, and his pride in the Upper Peninsula.

Snyder also spoke a lot about Michigan’s unemployment rate dropping to 5.3 %, the lowest it’s been in fourteen years.

“We’ve created over 400,000 private sector jobs, but there are still people that need help looking for opportunities,” added Snyder, “let’s stay on the gas, let’s keep working hard to create those jobs and not become complacent or content.”

All active military, retired military and veterans were granted free admission to the fair for the day.

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Caleb Scanlon
Caleb M. Scanlon is a reporter for ABC 10 / CW 5 and joined the news team in 2015. He grew up in Negaunee, where he attended Negaunee High School. Caleb completed his Bachelor's degree in Media Production and New Technologies from Northern Michigan University with a minor in Communication Studies. Caleb interned with ABC 10 / CW 5 in the fall of 2014. During his free time, Caleb enjoys spending time with his wife Samantha, his kids Fred and Lucy, and his cats Scotty, Remus, and Fitzgerald. Caleb plays a multitude of musical instruments and performs in a band called Concord Through Keys. When there isn't snow on the ground, Caleb can often be found at Al-Quaal playing disc golf.

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