MARQUETTE — 38–year–old Scott Silvola was sentenced to 40-120 months in prison Friday morning in Marquette County Circuit Court for his role in a meth lab bust back in late January.

Silvola and two other men, 32–year–old Joshua Bowen, and 42–year–old Spencer Emard, were all arrested Jan. 27 after police found meth–making components in the hotel rooms the men were living in. Bowen and Emard were both sentenced earlier this year.

Silvola admitted to helping his friends make the dangerous drug by supplying the two men with Sudafed he purchased.

“I enabled my two friends to make methamphetamine that night,” said Silvola. “I was definitely not doing well mentally and that’s what I hope to get out of anything is the treatment of (my) mental health condition.”

“The court is aware of the mental health issues that appear to be a factor in Mr. Silvola’s conduct,” said Judge Jennifer Mazzuchi. “We certainly recommend that treatment be provided in the (Michigan) Department of Corrections system.”

Silvola is no stranger to the legal system. He has twelve misdemeanors and seven felonies on his record.

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