MARQUETTE — A suspect in an attempted armed robbery case in Marquette was handed his sentence Friday morning in Marquette County Circuit Court.

22–year–old Aiseah Achesah was sentenced to two years probation. The sentence includes an eleven month jail term with credit for time served. The balance of that term will be suspended.

Achesah’s attorney expressed how his client was taking responsibility for his actions.

“He did everything that he said he would do. He told the truth,” said Defense Attorney Robert Juidici. “He cooperated, and I think Aiseah for years and years and years, will blame himself for this whole episode even occurring.”

“I’ve completely humiliated myself and my loved ones and my family, my sponsors, everyone that cared about me,” said Achesah, “and I just wanted to say I’m sorry.”

“There is a luck factor here that you’re not here on a murder case or a situation in which this episode resulted in a serious injury to a person,” said Judge Jennifer Mazzuchi.

Achesah was one of three arrested in connection to an attempted armed robbery on West Fair Avenue in Marquette earlier this year. He pleaded guilty to one count of attempted armed robbery in June. The terms of his plea agreement give him the opportunity to have his criminal record restored in the future.

The remaining defendant in the case, 21–year–old Stephon Akins, is set to head to trial in November.