Benishek bill would give VA Secretary more power

WASHINGTON D.C. — The battle continues in Washington D.C. on what to do with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Legislation that was passed Wednesday from Congressman Dan Benishek’s office aims to hold people working for the VA accountable for their actions.

H.R. 1994 would give VA Secretary Robert McDonald more authority over the department’s employees and finances. Right now, the VA is $3 billion over budget.

“We passed this legislation because the VA doesn’t hold its employees accountable for the mismanagement that’s been going on there,” said Benishek. “I’m trying to give the (VA) Secretary more power to make significant change, to encourage him to change the whole structure of the VA works, to make it more accountable and transparent so that the American people know that the veterans are getting the best care possible. That’s just not happening right now.”

H.R. 1994 was passed in the House, sending it next to the Senate for review.