MARQUETTE — Pet Stop announced this week that they would be going out of business next month, after nearly 23 years in business.

Pet Stop has been at its current location on Coles Drive since 2000. Store owner Patrick Kaski says a number of different factors led to the decision to close the store on July 15.

“The environment in Marquette with the big box store moving in years ago, the sales have went down considerably,” said Kaski. “The internet and Amazon doesn’t help our situation because we provide a product and not a service, so people can get a product cheaper somewhere else or online they’re going to get it there.

There was a lot of people that I’ve gotten to know through the store that I’ve gotten to know outside of the store that will be missed and I won’t see them on a regular basis anymore. It’s kind of sad all of the way around,” added Kaski.

Kaski has already sold the building to someone else. Four people will be out of work when Pet Stop closes for good.