MARQUETTE — An international trade deal that’s in the works would not be a good thing according to one group that was present in downtown Marquette Wednesday afternoon.

The U.P. Regional Labor Federation protested the proposed Trans–Pacific Partnership that’s in the works. If it were agreed to, the TPP would allegedly boost economic relations for U.S. businesses in the Asia–Pacific region.

However, the people who protested outside Rep. Dan Benishek’s office say that the proposed partnership is a bad idea.

“It lets the President go out and negotiate these foreign trade deals behind closed doors without any of our Congressman getting a say to amend it or even filibuster it when it comes to the floor,” said Lucas Bradshaw, a member of the U.P. Regional Labor Federation. “These trade deals distribute the wealth across the pond and it kills jobs here in America. I would love to see Dr. Benishek come out as an opponent of this fast track legislation.”

The U.P. Regional Labor Federation says that Dr. Benishek has not taken a position on this issue. ABC 10 did contact Benishek’s office in Washington, and we received the following statement:

“Dr. Benishek always welcomes input from constituents who are interested in the issues before Congress. Bringing jobs to the First District is a top priority for Dr. Benishek, and he remains committed to ensuring that Northern Michigan families, farms, and businesses are treated fairly and are able to compete in the global economy, when considering any trade agreement that comes for a vote in the House of Representatives.”