KINGSFORD — Yoopers are known for their hard work and industriousness and one Upper Peninsula company is living up to that reputation.

The Oldenburg Group, located out of Kingsford, has won the title of Government Contractor of the Year in the state of Michigan. The company has been in business since the late eighteen hundreds and mainly provides large equipment to the Navy.

“We’re pleased to recognized. We consider ourselves a leader in the industry, so to have another agency recognize us for that, we’re very excited about that,” said Jon Jennings, the Director of Program Management for the Oldenburg Group.

Oldenburg is also a major employer in the U.P., with nearly five hundred people on staff. They also send many of those employees to training seminars, which helps the company navigate the confusing world of government contracting. Many of those training sessions are hosted by the Procurement Technical Assistance Center, who nominated Oldenburg for the award.

“The Oldenburg Group is an outstanding company. I would say head and shoulders above a lot of other businesses in the Upper Peninsula and doing Government contract work, said Don Makowski, a Procurement Counselor at PTAC.

The Oldenburg Group also has facilities in Milwaukee and Iron River.