CALUMET — A prosecuting attorney in the Upper Peninsula has been suspended from practicing law.

According to a notice found on the Michigan Attorney Discipline Board’s database, Keweenaw County Prosecuting Attorney Donna Jaaskelainen had her license to practice law in Michigan suspended for six months effective March 18th. A hearing panel for the board found that Jaaskelainen neglected three legal matters in her private practice in violation of various sections of the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct and Michigan Court Rules.

The range of violations included failure to act with reasonable diligence and promptness and failure to keep her clients reasonably informed of the status of their matters. Jaaskelainen has been fined $2,000 in restitution.

A petition for review was also filed by the Discipline Board’s Grievance Administrator, who is seeking stricter punishment in the case. A hearing before the Attorney Discipline Board has yet to be scheduled.

ABC 10 contacted Jaaskelainen’s law office for comment, but our call has not been returned.