Governor Snyder signs bills sponsored by U.P. legislators

LANSING — Governor Rick Snyder signed a number of bills into law Tuesday in Lansing, including a couple sponsored by U.P. legislators.

House Bill 5226, which was sponsored by State Representative Ed McBroom, allows for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to issue shooting permits in areas where bears are damaging crops.

Such permits can be issued if the department determines that bear have caused damage to emerging, standing, or harvested crops or to feed properly stored in accordance with normal agricultural practices, except during an open bear season. Among other guidelines, those who receive permits may only allow an individual with a bear hunting license to shoot the offending bear, and they cannot use bait or take a cub or female bear accompanied by a cub. Having been signed by Governor Snyder, the bill now becomes Public Act 407.

Senate Bill 910, sponsored by Senator Tom Casperson, was also signed into law. That act prevents the Department of Environmental Quality from placing new rules on wood heaters and prohibits the DEQ from enforcing federal regulations adopted after May 1st of 2014 that limit the emissions from such heaters.