Snowy weather causes slippery roads

MARQUETTE COUNTY — Driving was hazardous across portions of the Upper Peninsula Tuesday, as about six inches of wet, heavy snow fell across the northern U.P.

There were several accidents including a two vehicle collision near Glasses Curve on M-553 close to Marquette Mountain.  Fortunately there were no injuries when a home health care vehicle apparently slid sideways into oncoming traffic and was broadsided by an SUV.  Traffic was reduced to one lane.

Meanwhile, huge waves crashed over the upper breakwater at Presque Isle.  Ore and coal freighters were stacked four deep as the boats waded out the storm and filled up on ore.  The waves were also crashing over the rocks on a section of  Lakeshore Boulevard that’s been closed for a few months due to high water concerns.

A Kalamazoo man in town for the holidays took a chance riding through the snow near the lake on a mountain bike with big tires.

“I am riding a ‘fat tire’ and I have only been on it for about 10 minutes,” Mike Rizzuto said.  “It’s a lot of fun.  It plows through all this snow pretty easily.”