Michigan’s unemployment rate lowest since April 2006

LANSING — Michigan’s unemployment rate is now the lowest since April 2006.

According to the Department of Management, Technology, and Budget, the state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for the month of November is 6.7 percent.  It is the eighth straight month the unemployment rate has dropped in the state.

The state’s year-to-date unemployment rate stands at 7.4 percent, well below 2013’s average of almost 9 percent.

Governor Snyder also released this statement regarding unemployment rate:

“It’s exciting to see the continued improvement in our unemployment rate – the lowest in more than eight years — because it shows the foundation we’ve built for economic success is strong and there are more and better jobs for Michiganders. More than 303,000 private sector jobs have been created since December 2010, showing how far we have come as a state. But it also should inspire us to reach even higher and go even further.

“There is more we can do. Our goal should be to building upon the rock-solid foundation we’ve established. We know that there are thousands of good paying jobs available here in Michigan. We know that a key part of an environment for success is having a well-trained workforce. And we know we can be a national leader in creating opportunities for students and adults to gain in-demand skills that can fill the jobs of today and tomorrow. Our goal is to see that the gains we are acknowledging today extend long into the future.”

More detailed information on Michigan’s unemployment numbers can be found here.