ISHPEMING — Doctors are urging parents to make sure their children are vaccinated against illnesses after two measles cases were reported in the Traverse City area this week and a few cases of pertussis turned up in Dickinson County.

Pediatrician C.B. Rao at UP Health System Bell said the proximity of the diseases to other areas of the U.P. means parents should realize the diseases are not very far away.

“We don’t want to get hit by those infections, we want them (children) to be protected well,” Dr. Rao said. “The protection is by vaccinations-the best protection other than keeping children in the room and in the house and no exposure to anybody in the public, which is impossible.”

Dr. Rao said since diseases are already existing, they can attack whenever there’s a chance, which is why doctors strongly recommend parents bring their children to be immunized.

“The idea is that the vaccine is much safer than the disease,” he said. “If the fear of vaccine is there, then the fear of disease is much more because it (contracting the disease) can cause more damage, more complications, and the morbidity and mortality.”

Parents can take their children to their family doctors or the health department to get the proper vaccinations.