Indian culture to be highlighed at Michigan Tech’s Diwali Night

HOUGHTON — It is the single biggest event run by a student organization at Michigan Tech: Diwali Night.

Diwali Night, also known as festival of lights, takes place this weekend on campus. It’s hosted by the Indian Students Association, offering a special glimpe into the Indian culture.

The event will feature special performances at the Rozsa Center with an expected crowd of nearly 700 spectators.

ISA Vice President Kavitha Kumar said the event keeps getting bigger each year due to the interest of the community.

“I think the people here are very welcoming to a variety of cultures and the Indian culture is one amongst them,” Kumar said. “And the response we get from the audience makes us give our 100% so that’s the whole driving force behind Diwali Night.”

And what’s an Indian celebration without some great Indian cuisine? Many of the volunteers got an early start this week in preparations. The goal this year was to create a very unique menu that will interest just about anyone with an appetite.

“India has diverse cultures and many languages,” ISA treasurer Jaswanth Kalavagada said. “From the north and south, there’s a lot of differences in terms of culture, food, clothes and language. So, it was a tough choice in deciding the menu, but we chose in such a way that each part of India is represented.”

If you’d like to attend this one-of-a-kind special event, contact the Rozsa Center or SDC box offices.