STEPHENSON — Funeral arrangements were completed this afternoon for three young members of a Menominee County family killed Monday night in accident near Daggett that has devastated the rural community.

Even emergency medical technicians needed counseling last night, because the lone survivor of the accident is a fellow EMT.

Susan Meade, 40, of Daggett was scheduled to work in an ambulance today, Mid-County Rescue Squad 114. She’s recovering in a Green Bay hospital, but her three children were killed when she lost control of her van, veering into the path of a northbound semi.

“She was an EMT for quite a few years,” said Ray Eckart, a co–worker on the rescue squad.

He said Meade responded to and worked many accidents, adding that it was her job as an EMT. “She was a very good mother, person and everything else,” Eckart said.

The accident occurred on a lonely stretch of US-41, just north of Stephenson. Killed were Michael John McCue, 14; his brother, Maxwell Robert McCue, 12; and their little sister, Joelle Naomi McCue, 11.

The three kids were popular. Everyone we interviewed said the three McCue children were inseparable in life –- and now in death.

“I used to ride the bus with Michael and his brother and their little sisters,” said Sydnee Engel, a Stephenson High School junior and member of the basketball team. “They always seem really close and like best friends. They were always happy and smiling, talking and trying to make friends. They just liked to make people smile.”

Others students agreed.

“My mom used to work with them for two years, and I would always see them on the street playing with their friends,” said Rachel Starzynski, a Stephenson High School senior and member of the basketball team. “When I would go for a run, they would always come up and talk to me. They make me smile. It’s really tragic.”

Engel said the incident “has really made the community come together, in such a time, especially for the family. We are all here to support them,” Engel said.

Friends of the victims spent the day making and watching videos to honor the family. One of the videos is “of Michael, Maxwell and Joelle, in honor of their life and car accident,” said Arisa Marciniak, a 15-year-old Stephenson student.

“All the (McCue) kids used to live across the street from me,” said Katie Sundstrom, 17-year-old Stephenson High School senior. “They would always be playing together.”

“We had a vigil prayer service with candle-lighting at 8:00 last night at the Fellowship Bible Church in Stephenson just to remember them and be able to mourn and share stories about them,” said Shanna Beal, the Stephenson High School head basketball coach and a teacher at the elementary school.

There was no school in Stephenson today because of the accident, and counselors will be on hand Monday when school resumes.

Funeral services for the three children will be held at 5 p.m. Central Time Sunday in Carney at the Carney Free Church.
Visitation will be held at the church from 2 to 5 before the funeral. The Anderson-Diehm Funeral Home is handling the arrangements.