MARQUETTE — Firearm deer season–as predicted with the unexpected heavier than usual snow fall–is off to a slow start in the U.P.

According to the DNR, preliminary results show fewer deer have been checked in at stations all across the region over the weekend.

Here are some deer check-in numbers across the U.P.–not including Monday’s numbers.  2013’s numbers are in parentheses.

  • MARQUETTE — 7 (30)
  • CRYSTAL FALLS — 10 (13)
  • NEWBERRY — 16 (22)
  • MACKINAC BRIDGE — 17 (53) Sunday only

Additionally, Marquette had 12 deer registered Monday.

Archery season harvest was estimated at 30% lower than last year, so they expected similar for firearm season, but with the heavy snow the harvest may be even lower if hunters can’t reach their camps.

Right now, the U.P. check station average is down 50% from last year.