Winter Weather already treacherous in the U.P.

Winter weather is hitting the U.P. with a bang. The snow is falling heavy and hard and there is no quick end in sight. School closing and cancellation of activities have begun for tomorrow.

We wanted to know how long this heavy and slippery snow is expecting to last, so we stopped in today at the National Weather Service in Negaunee to hear what the experts are predicting. And the news is not good.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Mike Dutter said, “This is definitely an early season snow storm for Upper Michigan. It’s a widespread storm affecting all of the region. Secondly, it’s a significant snow storm wise, some areas in higher elevation like Marquette and Baraga counties could see 20–30 inches of snow before Wednesday morning,”

And be sure to bundle up, the temperatures will be a below average. Although snowfall is normal for this time of year the amount of snow we are getting for the next couple of days is not.

“The office here in Negaunee township usually sees 210 inches a year throughout the who winter season . A lot of that snow comes from lake effect and it’s usually a lighter and fluffier snow. This is a system snow so and it will be a little bit wetter and heavier than normal,” continued Dutter.

The winds on this snowfall will be pretty treacherous and along with dangerous roads white out conditions could occur.