Casperson, Dianda react to Tuesday’s election

HOUGHTON — Incumbents had a good showing Tuesday night in the Upper Peninsula, as the region’s state lawmakers were able to defend their legislative seats.

In the 38th State Senate district, Tom Casperson defeated Christopher Germain with 62% of the vote. Casperson said he was very pleased with the support he received and can’t wait to serve another term for his district.

“We’re looking forward to moving forward now, and I think when I look at it, it seems like the people actually respect the team that is put together — key word, together — and every one of us were rewarded in the same way, so that was very encouraging,” he said.

State Representative Scott Dianda successfully defended his 110th District seat in the Michigan House with 61% of the vote, defeating his opponent Bob Michaels. Dianda said he is ready to head back to Lansing and get some work done.

“I really feel humbled to be able to represent so many wonderful people up here in our seven counties, to be able to be our voice in Lansing and for people to put their trust in me to make the best decisions for us up here and I really pride myself on being that Yooper that’s in Lansing that makes sure we get the job done,” he said.

Both Casperson and Dianda said they want to concentrate their next term on three main issues: education funding, the wolf hunt and the energy crisis.

State Representatives Ed McBroom of Vulcan and John Kivela of Marquette have also won re-election by substantial margins.