Prosecution rests, defense calls witnesses in Nelson trial

The prosecution rested its case today during the trial of Michael Nelson, the Big Bay man accused of striking and killing a woman with his vehicle and leaving the scene.

Prosecutor Matt Wiese’s last witnesses included lead investigator on the case Detective Sergeant Paul Campbell of the Michigan State Police and the pathologist who conducted Robin Rahoi’s autopsy. He went over the various injuries Rahoi sustained, specifically the initial point of impact to the temporal area of the skull. His report concluded that she died on impact.

Defense council Sarah Henderson then began calling her witnesses to the stand, including an acquaintance of Nelson who spent some time with him at the Thunder Bay Inn the night of the incident.

Henderson also called Dr. Werner Spitz, a forensic pathologist with over 60 years experience. He suggested that a bruise found on Rahoi’s knee didn’t come from being hit by a car.

“This is a bruise that you see, almost invariably, in people who suddenly fall; for whatever reason collapse into their knees,” Dr. Spitz said.

The councils will continue to cross examine defense witnesses tomorrow, with closing statements expected to follow.