Van Riper State Park celebrates the Fourth

With the Fourth of July in full swing, Van Riper State Park could not resist joining in on the celebrations.

The park hosted a bike parade Friday afternoon for kids enjoying a holiday stay in the great outdoors.  Youngsters all over the campground got together to decorate their bikes and ride them through the park for everyone to see.

“We have like little flags and red white and blue streamers they can kind of stream all around their bikes and really give them a lot of freedom in what they want to do with their bikes and just kind of see how they turn out in the end, and then we get to gloat and drive them all around and watch everyone in the campsite see them,” Explorer Guide Kayla Ruth said.

But the fun wasn’t over after the parade.  Kids had the opportunity to compete in minnow races and jump in a bounce house later.

Saturday marks the 50th anniversary of the naming of Van Riper State Park.  Families staying at the park and those visiting can learn about how the park got its name and also enjoy some birthday cake to celebrate the occasion.