It’ll be a little more expensive to attend Northern Michigan University this fall. At a special meeting this afternoon, the NMU Board of Trustees voted to raise tuition by 3.2%.

Full-time undergrads from within Michigan had to pay just under $9,100 in tuition and fees this year. They’ll have to pay $9,385 next year. An expected 3% decline in enrollment for this fall means that budget cuts are also expected, even with the tuition increase.

“At the 3.2% level, we’re still looking at reductions in excess of a million dollars, about $1.4 million,” NMU vice president for finance and administration Gavin Leach said. “At that level, we believe we can make those cuts and still maintain the quality and integrity of our academic programs on campus.”

NMU officials also considered tuition hikes of 0%, 1%, 2% and 3%, but the expected budget cuts would have been even more steep under any of those options. Even with tuition going up, NMU will maintain its position as the second most affordable university in Michigan’s Public 15.

“We always have looked at providing great value to our students,” Leach said. “What we try to do is make sure that we maintain competitive, affordable tuition and fees, and it’s important to the students and families in Michigan that we try to control our costs.”

The board also approved a draft contract for Dr. Fritz Erickson, who will become the university’s president on July 1st. NMU will make the details of the contract public once Erickson signs it.

This was also the final board meeting for outgoing president David Haynes. The university is holding a reception for him right now, and Molly Smerika will have more about it for you tonight at 11.