Heating assistance offered for Menominee, Delta, and Schoolcraft residents

Residents of Menominee, Delta, and Schoolcraft County who struggled to make it through the harsh winter months may be line for some financial assistance.

The Menominee-Delta-Schoolcraft Community Action Agency is administering a program that will partially reimburse income-eligible applicants who paid for home heating deliverable fuels between January 1st and March 31st of 2014.

The funds are appropriated by the state Legislature through the Michigan Department of Human Services.

“The Legislature adopted this program, which features extremely-targeted income guidelines in the wake of this devastating winter which included rising prices and decreasing supplies for both propane and wood,” said William Dubord, CAA Executive Director. “This is a non-emergency program and applications for reimbursement will be accepted throughout summer or when funding is depleted.”

Payments go directly to eligible residents who have completed the application process, which will include verification of household income and proof of payment for fuel by a resident of the home. Applicants must be able to prove they have paid for deliverable fuel from a local provider.

Eligible monthly income is based on the date of application for everyone residing in the home.

Family Size       30-Day Household Income

1                              $1,459-$1,907

2                              $1,966-$2,494

3                              $2,474-$3,081

4                              $2,981-$3,668

5                              $3,489-$4,254

6                              $3,996-$4,841

7                              $4,504-$4,951

8                              $5,011-$5,061

9                              $5,519-$5,281

10                             $6,026-$5,391

For more information go to the CAA Website or call Lori in Menominee County – 863-3042, Cindy or Rick in Delta County – 786-7080, or Don in Schoolcraft County – 341-2452.