Courtesy: U.S. Coast Guard Station Marquette Facebook Page

Watch Here: The Lives of Thor and Loki: U.S. Coast Guard Dogs – YouTube

The United States Coast Guard – Marquette Station has two very good boys under their care.

Thor and Loki are brothers adopted by the U.S. Coast Guard a few years back. They are vizsla lab mixes, but 100% adorable.
The story of these brothers finding their forever home started off at a kill shelter in a different state, they were then transferred to a local 906 area code shelter waiting to be found. When the search initially started, the U.S. Coast Guard was searching for just one dog. Yet, here Thor and Loki are today thriving in their forever home surrounded by water, people and action.

A big misconception is they are fully trained and work alongside the coast guard. They have mastered the fine art of getting treats for their cuteness. 
Their day-to-day life is something of a dog’s dream.
They get to roam the property right on the waterfront, not to mention they get to go on the boats making sure it’s up their “sniff”. In the summer, they will go for swims right along the property. Finding animals, fish, or anything else his hunter instincts find!
As many parents and dog parents may know, having two boys running around can cause some mischief. Never anything they couldn’t handle at least. 

The upside of having these boys around 24/7 is the morale and happiness they bring with them. It’s truly contagious with the joy they bring into people’s lives.
The station is never empty meaning Thor and Loki never has to be alone or worry about when their next meal is coming. With round the clock care, comes round the clock fun!

Thor and Loki were adopted and given their best life possible thanks to the U.S. Coast Guard. And I was lucky enough to be able to learn more on their day-to-day life.