Pennsylvania manhunt finally over

Cavalcante, who has been on the run for nearly two weeks, is finally back in police custody.

CHESTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA – The communities of Chester County can finally sleep a little easier after the 2 week manhunt for Danelo Cavalcante, 34, concluded early this morning. Authorities were already in the Norther Chester County area following sightings and reports earlier this week, one of which being Cavalcante had taken a .22 caliber rifle from a homeowners garage. Tactical teams with the help of K9 units and heat tracking technology surrounded the suspect around 8AM and apprehended him. The suspect initially tried to flee, crawling through thick underbrush but was subdued by a K9 unit. Cavalcante is now being held at the Avondale Police Station for processing and interview, and ultimately will  be transferred to a state correctional institute where he will finally begin to serve his life sentence.

The escaped murderer, had been on the loose in Chester County for nearly two weeks, and was armed with a rifle. before these events, he was spotted on monday night, when he had managed to steal the rifle from a garage. His daring escape from the prison in Chester County was caught on camera, as he crab walked up a wall, reaching the roof and running away.

Police say Cavalcante got past their search perimeters over the weekend, stealing an unlocked van with the keys inside, driving to Phoenixville saturday – where he tried to contact former co-workers. He spoke briefly with one through a doorbell camera. That colleague called local police, but they werent notified for several hours, saying Cavalcante was gone by then.

Reports say he abandoned that stolen car when it ran out of gas in East Nantmeal Township, 25 miles North of where police had been searching. The weekend developments began Monday when a motorists spotted a man crouched along the woodline, on the southside of Fairview road, in Nantmeal Township. The man was gone when she turned around for another look. Troopers and border patrol responded to the report and found footprints in the mud matching the prison shoes Cavalcante was wearing. Tracking the footprints both prison shoes were found, and a nearby resident had reported work boots missing from their porch. then at 10AM police received reports that Cavalcante entered a garage with a homeowner inside, which is where he stole the rifle.