Eric Molitor on the stand as he testifies about his involvement in the 2020 plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer

DOWNSTATE IN ANTIRIM COUNTRY РTestimony  resumed Friday, September 8th, with defendant Eric Molitor back in on the witness stand.

the three men on trial in Antrim County, (top left; Michael Null. top right; Eric Molitor. bottom; William Null.)

The defense began presenting its case Thursday for Eric Molitor and brothers William and Michael Null. Three men accused of taking part in a 2020 plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The defendants are accused of aiding plot leaders Adam Fox and Barry Croft Jr., and are each charged with providing material support for terrorist acts and carrying/possessing firearms during the commission of a felony. Social media posts and phone taps revealed antigovernmental views, as the plots main goal was to cause civil unrest and violence before the 2020 election.

Prosecutors presented evidence seized during one of the raids in October of 2020, giving him a chance to explain his possession of such items, which included an armorers wrench, holsters, shackles, a baton and shotgun, and a med-kit. Molitor elaborated on the items and weapons saying quote “I have this stuff for militia reasons, private security reasons, and self defense reasons, competition… That’s why I would have this stuff.”

Fourteen men were arrested in connection with the plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer, nine of which have since been convicted and sentenced on state or federal levels. Informants and undercover FBI agents had infiltrated the group earlier that summer, making recordings and collecting evidence.

In a rare move so far in these proceedings, Molitor took to the stand, testifying that he in no way supported the plot to kidnap the Governor. He claims he was unaware of the plot until it was revealed to him by Fox, during one of many trips to Governor Whitmers cabin in Antrim County. This trip included Fox, Molitor, and an FBI informant. After this however he says he didn’t take it seriously quote – “It didnt seem serious, the danger level in my mind was decreasing just based on the fact that they were not organized. It was just two guys and one of them was just talking crazy.”. Molitor admitted to looking up the Governors address and taking surveillance video during the ride, saying that he collaborated oout of concern for his own safety, not as a willing conspirator. Fox has subsequently been convicted and sentenced to 16 years, and the only other people to testify so far, Kaleb and Garbin Franks – were both acquitted.