TRIO Pre College Programs Could Stay in the Copper Country After Moving to Michigan Tech

TRIO’s programs have worked with students at Finlandia University, and local high school and middle school students, to pursue higher education. Today a part of the TRIO programs in the Copper Country will end, as there will not be students at Finlandia to support. Finlandia University’s Presidents timothy Pinnow, stated that while the university’s TRIO program for student services will end, many of the group’s other programs will potentially move over to Michigan Tech.

“But we’ve given them (U.S. Department of Education) a whole bunch of documents, and request that they transfer it to Michigan Tech. If that happens, then the TRIO pre college programs will, which are UPWARD Bound and Talent Search that focus on youth in the Keweenaw, then everything will go forward. And will move over to Michigan Tech and they’ll continue on. The Student Support Services, the SSS Program, the one that’s been around from the Department of Ed the longest. ANd the one that has a very, very, long history with Finlandia students. We were unable to find a partner to take over that program, and that would have to transfer over to another four year institution.” –  Timothy Pinnow, President, Finlandia University

TRIO assures our station that they will still provide services to students at other partner universities. As well as continue work with high school and middle school students as they prepare for their futures. TRIO programs are found nationally at various universities and colleges, and are a branch of the United States Department of Education.