South Boundary Road Closed in the Porkies Due to Culvert Wash-out

The Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State park has closed South Boundary Road due to a washed out culvert. Flooding the area has severely limited travel within and around the park. During this time, access from the east end of the park, will need to travel through the Ottawa National forest, to access the Presque Isle area, in the west end of the Porcupine Mountains. Motorists are encouraged to use an alternative route to travel between each side of the state park.

While back country camping can take place in the Porkies, DNR officials warn guests that there is fast moving water in the rivers and streams throughout the park. As well as hard to distinguish trails, due to nearly two feet of snow in some areas and fallen trees awaiting trail maintenance. Visitors curious about the best route in and around the park, are asked to call the park headquarters at 906 855 5275.