Show a Teacher Some Appreciation This Week

Teachers across the Upper peninsula are passionate about the classrooms they teach in; Which is a very important trait to have, when each day can mean a different challenge. But not often enough is appreciation shown to these hard working professionals. That why this week, many schools around the region will celebrate the many workers who keep classrooms learning.

“It’ll depend, and it’ll look different for a variety of buildings. You know, I would encourage the community to, as they see an educator out over the next week. Say, thank you. It’s a very difficult job that these folks do. And often times it’s a very lonely profession. but these are amazing people, that are bringing their best forward everyday to serve students.” -James Rautiola, Superintendent, Copper Country Intermediate School District

Teaching can include many long hours at the school building, in the classroom or at home, grading papers, preparing lesson plans, and talking with parents about their student. It’s a hard task, and there are many people who help in education beyond the title of teacher.

“I just want to acknowledge all of our educators. From the teachers, to para-pros, to the bus drivers, mental health professionals, any of the support and professional staff that make this all work. Education is , is one of those professions that you can’t do alone. I think it’s been said that it takes a community or a village to raise a child. And it definitely takes that same community, and village  support to educate kids. We all have to work together to bring our A game. So we can put our best foot forward, and provide the best education we can to our students.” -James Rautiola, Superintendent, Copper Country Intermediate School District

If you know a teacher, or see an educator outside of the classroom tell them thank you for all they do. And for students, teachers are always known to enjoy an apple as a gift. Show a little appreciation for a teacher you know this National teacher appropriation day and week.