Canal Run is Seeking Additional Race Sponsors for the Copper Country Tradition

For close to fifty years the canal run in Hancock has brought in hundreds of visitors, and runners to run down the Portage Canal. Throughout the years the event has been supported by volunteers, sponsors and the local community. Without their dedication the event’s organizers know they could not put on such an incredible event. UPHS Portage has been the canal run main sponsor for the past few years. And UPHS Health and Fitness manager, Angela Luskin, says that being a sponsor for such a great community centered event is an incredible experience.

“It takes a lot of different forms of support from throughout the community. And sponsors are so important to us being able to put on such a high caliber event. They do that monetarily, through financial support. But they also help us in other ways as well. Like Pat’s Foods/Festival Foods helps us with race ending food and refreshments. And Calumet Floral has just jumped on to help support the run. They’ll be providing bouquets for the 14 first place finishers, So everyone contributes differently but, it all helps make canal run a great success.” – Angela Luskin, Health and Fitness Manager, UPHS- Portage

Organizers for the canal run are very excited to get the race under way. Businesses and organizations interested in becoming a sponsor for one of the canal run’s races can find more information on online. Links can be found online. Runners can begin signing up for the canal run as well.