Michigan Lighthouse Assistance Program Awards $60,000 Grant for Preservation Efforts on the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

Earlier this week we spoke with the rock of ages lighthouse preservation society about the recent Michigan Lighthouse Assistance Program grant the group received. The state historic preservation office, also award a similar m-lap grant to another Keweenaw County lighthouse…the Eagle Harbor lighthouse. Eagle harbor’s light is protected by the Keweenaw County Historical Society. Who have worked for many years to restore the light.

“We believe we’ll be starting the project later on, sometime around August or September. Which will be by the time the contractor bids have come in. The outside work might be something interesting for people to come see. The majority of the work will be inside the tower though. Because that’s where the water is coming in. That upper lantern room isn’t open to the public. because we are still an operating lighthouse. “ – Karen Hintz, Vice President Keweenaw County Historical Society

The m-lap grant for the eagle harbor lighthouse will help volunteers work on rehabilitating deteriorated bricks, repairing damaged plaster in the tower, and repairing the deck and lantern room. The m-lap grant will require a fifty percent match from the keweenaw county historical society. And the total amount given for the preservation work awards 60,000 dollars to the society.

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