Hancock Public Schools Adds Another Positive Influence on Students With a New SRO Officer from Hancock P.D.

Safety in school has become a high priority for school districts, and communities all over the state. This past week, Hancock Public Schools, brought in a new employee with a special goal. To increase safety, and act as another positive role model for students.

“Officer Olson is up here everyday here at the school. They are working as a team. Officer Olson and the school district. So everyone has input on the program being put together. And when Officer Olson needs additional resources, the Hancock Police Department will be there to help him.” – Tami Sleeman, Chief of Police, Hancock Police Department

The school resource officer position comes via a state grant with the school district. And will employee an officer at the school for the next three years.

So after that, things really started to cascade. It was nice, because the timing was good, and the state government decided to start funding a lot more, to get these SRO officers in schools. There was a section put in there, to put 25 million aside for these school resource officers. And you can think of it as a grant. It will pay fifty percent of the cost of the SRO officer for three years. And then we’ll se where we go from there.” – Steve Patchin, Superintendent, Hancock Public Schools

Officer Olson has already started working with students. Even stopping by to eat lunch with kids in the cafeteria, or reading books to some of the elementary classes. He also plans to bring different education programs to older students at the middle school and high school.

“Security is obviously one of the number one tools for early detection and prevention. SO developing those relationships and trust with the students, and the staff is huge. If you can get tips early on, that you can head it off. And get that kid to some consoling before it gets to that point.” – Officer Darron Olson, SRO Officer, Hancock Public Schools

Officer Olson, the Hancock Police Department and Hancock Public schools are very excited for their new work together. Safety and security are the top priority for the school and new SRO officer. But creating a positive environment for students to learn is just as important.