Houghton County Commission Tables UP Environmental Heath Code to Next Month

Houghton will review the proposed UP Environmental Health Code one last time. On Wednesday during the county commission meeting the board tabled further action on the Upper Peninsula Environmental Health Code until next month. Saying that the board wants to be as thorough as possible. Their discussion included comments from Western Upper Peninsula Health Department Director Tonya Rule.

One of the steps in our approved process, we are required by the state of Michigan, to go through this list, its called the State of Michigan Resources for Water Wells and Potential Sources of Contamination. So we have to go through all of these documents, and make sure, and they are very clearly laid out, the parameters, Its not arbitrary. Its not like we are able to make an arbitrary decision. It has to be based on law or the approved technical manuals. – Tonya Rule, WUPHD, Environmental and Sanitation Director

Rule noted that the word potential is found within health codes throughout the country and is used more than 500 times throughout state-approved technical manuals and the environmental health code put before the board. Adding health officers base their decisions on state-approved technical manuals and the law. Houghton County will reconvene during the April commission meeting, and will consider accepting the Upper Peninsula Environmental Health Code. That meeting will take place on April 11th, at 4 pm.