TRIO Pre-College Programs Will Continue Services for Students, and Search for New Host Institution

Despite Finlandia University’s plans to close, TRIO Pre-college programs intend to continue. While TRIO is saddened by the recent announcement, Finlandia plans to close in May, the program will continue services for students. Program organizers will still work with students to fulfill scheduled trips, study labs, and cultural events throughout the rest of the year. TRIO seniors who had plans to attend Finlandia University in the fall should contact their TRIO representative for assistance in finding a new school. At the same time, TRIO Pre College Programs is seeking a new host institution. Organizers are beginning discussions with local schools to identify a new host. We hope to update you again as TRIO pre College programs continue services for students and search for a new homes.

TRIO Contacts:

Gail HartelTRIO Academic/Career Coach
Natalie Anderson – TRIO Data Analyst/TRIO Academic Coach & Lead Tutor
Terri Olsen – Director of TRIO Student Support Services