101 Quincy Offers Office Space to Finlandia Faculty

Faculty and staff of Finlandia University will have some tough decisions leading up to the end of the spring semester. Since the university announced their plans to close down, the community of Hancock has offered support to faculty, and staff affected. 101 Quincy Coworking is offering free space to faculty and staff, so they can participate in interviews with perspective employers.

We also have phone booths. So I’m actually sitting in one right now. So for people who have phone or video calls, and they need some privacy. They can sit in one of our phone booths. We know some people might not have a designated home office to do that from. So we thought, why not open up some of our spaces to people who will be looking for a quiet stress free, distraction free environment for their interviews. So they can focus on their interview, and hopefully get that job.” – Vienna Leonarduzzi, Office Manager, 101 Quincy Coworking

101 Quincy offers flexible office space for job seekers and freelancers to grow their talents, and conduct interviews with perspective employers. The office like environment includes designated shared spaces and private rooms for more focused work. Interested Finlandia faculty can contact 101 Quincy Coworking online through their website.

Set up a designated office time with 101 Quincy through their email, hello@101quincy.com or through facebook.