It’s National Pasty Week!

Happy National Pasty Week. A favorite dish for many around the world, the pasty comes from the Cornwall, England. And has found it’s way to places like Australia and New Zealand, and Mexico. Other states in the country also make their own pasties, but the best are from Michigan. “Copper Country pasties are more special, than other places, because of the connection to the history we have as a mining community. And that’s what makes them the best.” – Trisia Narhi, Co-Owner Roy’s Pasties and Bakery Pasties are a family affair, with many recipes passed down from generation to generation, and families making dinner together. Famously Calumet hosts Pasty Fest each summer. Which invites different shops in the area to compete for the best pasty. And Family recipes are highly guarded secrets. “Individual communities are competitive about who has the best pasty recipe. Whether that’s a recipe that’s been handed down from generation to generation. Whether it’s a specific shop. Whether it’s a traditional pasty or a variety. People have their favorites.” – Trisia Narhi, Co-Owner Roy’s Pasties and Bakery The tasty meal became a favorite of miners due to it’s portability, convenience and delicious taste. Finnish immigrants in the Copper Country became particularly fond of the dish, and would add their own sweet ingredient. “The traditional Cornish pasty did not contain carrots. There’s a nice sweetness that comes through a pasty that has carrots. And we make several varieties of pasties. Our most popular one is the Chicken Broccoli and Cheese pasty.” – Trisia Narhi, Co-Owner Roy’s Pasties and Bakery There are strong sentiments toward traditional pasties. But getting creative has been a staple of shops like Roy’s Pasties and Bakery in Houghton. “It is fun. We have continued to experiment with other ones. We have actually came out with a Philly cheese steak pasty. We only seem to get that pasty, when I prod Roy enough that we need to run it. Unfortunately, when we make them, it seems that our own employees will buy them all up (laughs). Because we’re all big fans of that one” – Trisia Narhi, Co-Owner Roy’s Pasties and Bakery With so many pasty options to choose from in the Copper Country there is no better way to celebrate National Pasty Week, than with a tour of copper country pasty shops. Visit Keweenaw recently encouraged residents and visitors to travel the Keweenaw Pasty Trail, and try out their favorite spot this week. Krupp’s Mini Mart – 32260 M-26, Toivola, MI 49965 Roy’s Pasties & Bakery –  305 W Lakeshore Dr, Houghton, MI 49931 Suomi’s Home Restaurant & Bakery – 54 Huron St, Houghton, MI 49931 Amy J’s Pasty & Bake Shop – 1000 N Lincoln Dr, Hancock, MI 49930 Griffin Family Cafe & Catering – 200 Michigan St #313, Hancock, MI 4993 Kaleva Cafe – 234 Quincy St, Hancock, MI 49930 Keweenaw Co-Op Market & Deli – 1035 Ethel Ave, Hancock, MI 49930 Jen’s Kitchen – 56901 S. Sixth St, Calumet, MI 49913 Pasty Central (The Hut) – 58540 Wolverine St #41, Calumet, MI 49913 Toni’s Country Kitchen – 79 3rd St, Laurium, MI 49913 Mohawk Superette – 158 Stanton Ave, Mohawk, MI 49950 Slim’s Cafe & Bakery – 38 Mohawk Street, Mohawk Michigan 49950