Employers Want the Best Out of Michigan Tech’s Graduates

As a top shelf institution, Michigan Tech University’s students are highly desired by hundreds of employers every year. Today students met with perspective employers during the university’s annual spring career fair. Michigan Tech University is well known for their engineering, computer and information sciences, business management and natural resources management departments. And their hard working, knowledgeable students.

“This is my alma mater, so I think I might have some bias. But Tech grads are the best. I’ve had the opportunity to work with graduates from all over the U.S. and Tech grads end up being the best. I think the technical part is one thing. But I think to get through Michigan Tech, and to get a degree is something else. And if you can do that, then you’ve accomplished something.” – Dan Whalen, President, Williams & Works

Many students from Michigan Tech University will go on to have successful careers in a variety of fields. Some may even return to the area to teach, pursue further education or work at any number of high profile employers based in the Upper Peninsula.  Michigan Tech University has one of the nation’s top placement rates with more than 94 percent of graduates successfully moving into careers.