Michigan Tech Students Battle Warm Weather While Building Winter Carnival Snow Statues

All night long Michigan tech students, faculty, friends, and the community played in the snow. Last night student teams were out constructing both the all nighter snow statues, and putting on the final details for the large scale month long snow statues. Warm weather this week, and a quick freeze last week, have some students scrambling to keep certain elements from falling apart.

So as you can see it kind of dripping water. So it’s melting. And that mean

s we can’t start slush, and do as much detail until it gets colder tonight. So that’s really unfortunate and the biggest thing.” – Emily Kurdziel, Delta Zeta

So it’s really hard to get snow. So we had to go off site. And so basically go all around Houghton trying to find snow. And not only does it have to be, well good snow to build with, but it also has to be clean. So we can just like go over to a snow pile on campus and grab that.” – Paige Beland, Delta Zeta

Because of the melting snow, many of the fine details put into the snow statues had to wait for cooler temperatures during the night. Regardless of the warm weather though, students are just happy for another week of carnival. With some expressing that it feels sort of like a snow day from school when they were younger.

It’s definitely puts a big wrench in things because, we have a lot of suspended ice on site. So some of that toppled over this morning. Smoke stacks started falling over. And then the snow actually destroys that faces, so we have to re-iron everything. It put us back a decent bit. But we’re making pretty good progress so far. It’s definitely a really busy time between balancing classes, statue, and all the other facilities of being a student at tech. But as hard as it is, getting through to this last week, the excitement just builds more and more and it’s finally here.” – Holland vanZon, Phi Kappa Tau

Winter carnivals snow statues turned out fantastic this year. And we sure hope they stick around for a while longer before melting away. If you want to check out the snow statues from Michigan Tech’s Winter Carnival you can find photos from last night on our website. Along with more event information and details for the rest of winter carnival this week.